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Adapted from the ‘Constable’ books by NICHOLAS RHEA (Peter Walker), Heartbeat is a British TV classic. A medical and police drama evoking the mood of the swinging 60s and set in the peaceful, Yorkshire country town of Aidensfield.

It’s 1964 – the era of the Beatles, a new government, Mods & Rockers and the pill. But for Nick and Kate Rowan, the bright lights of London have lost their appeal – it has become a place where “you can’t tell the coppers from the villains”. Nick searches for a better kind of community where as a policeman he can be of more service. As the couple move to what they hope will be a rewarding new life, Kate – a recently qualified doctor – has to swallow her early feminist tendencies to follow her husband back to their roots. In spite of their idealistic expectations the move doesn’t turn out to be to the peaceful haven that Nick expects and Kate remembers.

Originally airing from 1992 – 2010, Heartbeat is a perfect blend of medical mysteries, police investigations, loveable rogues, and a touch of mischief, capturing the heart of small-town life and the bonds that tie a community together that’s about to be shaken by the liberated values and music of the era.

Starring the talented ensemble of Nick Berry as the tenacious Nick Rowan, Niamh Cusack playing the spirited Kate Rowan, alongside Derek Fowlds, Bill Maynard, William Simons, Mark Jordon, Frank Middlemass, Stuart Golland, and Annette Crosbie

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